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ROWS Movie Still Behind the Scenes

ROWS Movie Set Stills

ROWS Movie Set Stills

ROWS is a thriller produced here in Baltimore directed by David Warfield. I met the director David Warfield at the Maryland Film Festival.

ROWS Movie Set Stills Behind the scenes

I photographed still shots for the production. It was a lot of fun and my first time on a movie set. The number one rule is to keep quiet. The sound equipment is very sensitive and can capture whispers from across the room.

Before doing this shoot I did a lot of research about movie set etiquette and things that I should look out for.  I almost spent $1000 on a sound blimp which is basically a box that you put around your camera to dampen the sound of the shutter. Im glad I didnt.  I shot photographs between takes.

ROWS Movie Still Behind the ScenesWe were in tight quarters so I used a 20mm wide angle lens for most of the shoot.  The wide angle also has a more cinematic feel which I think looks more authentic. My camera body was a D7000. It did its job but I have found that DX cameras do not preform well with FX (Full Frame) lenses. The focus is hit or miss for some reason. The sensors will tell you that the image is in focus but in reality it is horribly blurry and unusable. I have upgraded to a FX camera since then.  I shot with an ISO of 1000 which is the highest I could go on the D7000 without the image being unusable due to digital noise.

ROWS Movie Stills

The cast and crew were super cool and friendly. I am glad that I was invited to be a part of the production.

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