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Portrait of Kato Ceaser from the Baltimore Band GradDai

Portrait of Kato Ceaser from the Band GradDai

Kato Ceaser Graddai Portrait

This is a portrait of┬áKato Ceaser from the band GradDai. GradDai was a rock fusion band based in Baltimore. I have worked with the members of GradDai on a bunch of occasions. Prior to the photoshoot in the studio I photographed their concerts in Baltimore. (I promise to upload some of their concert photos soon). GradDai’s sound was different but they had crazy energy on the stage. You can check out some of their stuff on their YouTube page.

The shoot was a group shoot for all six of the GradDai members but I was able to capture this portrait of Kato. The shoot was full of energy and fun just like the band. Somebody brought a box of props with things in it like hack saws and taxidermied deer heads.

Stuff I used for the shoot

I used a beauty dish for this shoot. I think this was at the time that I just purchased the beauty dish and I was using it for everything and anything. Light is light right?

I used the beauty dish with the Alien bees 800 strobe head. I think I shot with the a D5000 and I deffinatly know I used a 50mm 1.4G because this was the first prime lens I ever purchased.

The second part of the photo shoot took place outside on the roof of a parking garage across the street from the studio. I am no longer in the same studio space but I really miss it. I will find a new studio space one day soon.

If you want more info about the shoot you can check out the behind the scenes video develpoed by the groups videographer.

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