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Event Photography Soundstage

Shot an event last night at the Baltimore Soundstage. All I can say is that it got real! I wanted to dance and party but I was on the clock. It’s all good. I got to enjoy the music. The Dj was awesome and there was a great band. I’m terrible with names. The band was called Christi and the something’s. I’m not sure.

The pictures always start out the same. People afraid of the camera and flash but a few drinks in, they start to looooove the flashing lights, craaaaave the camera. There will be times when multiple people are tapping your shoulder from multiple directions for a photo opp. The photo bombers were alive last night. Haha. We will leave it at that.

image Photo credit. Justin Van Buren from Baltimore Soundstage

I used a wide angle 20mm lens for most of the night. Usually at parties wide angle lenses work best for group shots because you can be really close and fit everybody but were the 20 really shines is in the mosh pit. In the sweaty musty trenches. Where the hard core partiers are going nuts and bouncing and flailing limbs. Lastly if you raise the camera high above your head you can get real cool shots of the entire crowd. I had to figure this out last night cause the client asked for this specifically.

I used a SB-910 for my hotshoe flash. This thing is a battery executioner. I had to change batteries twice for a total use of 8 AA batteries but it’s all good. This flash model comes with a warm light diffuser so I use that in tandem with the standard soft diffuser and I get some really cool shots that don’t look to “hot”. The high tones of the image aren’t blown out. The flash is a beast and it was a great investment.

I shot at 1/200 @ f/8 so that I could capture the fast movement.

I used to tell myself that I didn’t like event photography and that there wasn’t enough room for creativity. That was me in my silly philosophical photographer phase. The truth is that there is always an opportunity to get cool shots. I don’t care if your shooting (insert boring thing here) there is always way to make it funky! No excuses.